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About Us

Built on SOLANA

Solalambo Unique Ecosystem

Solalambo is comprised of two unique projects which aim to support Solana Ecosystem and connect all Solana SPL tokens including NFTs.

To create the first 100% community driven token

To give artist the chance to show case their artworks and make it accessible for all to interact (i.e. buy/sell)

To create the first 100% community driven NFT

To ensure users get a fast transaction at a low fee

To create a tight staking program to reward holders

To support upcoming solana token and connect all Solana SPL token



How to buy

  • 1

    Create an SPL wallet using Sollet

  • 2

    2. Go to a DEX either Sonar or Raydium

  • 3

    Get USDC to your wallet

  • 4

    Add the custom Market ID and other informations

  • 5

    SOB is also available in other exchanges: Available DEXs

  • 6

    You are now part of us. Hodl your SOB for future rewards

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